So this year started with a bang… actually last year ended with a bang and this year started much the same way.

We are absolutely overjoyed to officially announce to the world that we are expecting another boy in July!! As a family we have taken our time after Mishka, (again going against the grain of what society thinks is “correct” and waiting almost 5 years for the next one).

I’ll be ready this time right?!

With the birth of our fist miracle, Mishka, I had no idea what was waiting for me (I thought I did though). I remember having to put on his first nappy in the hospital and it seemed like an impossible task. I was in no way prepared or “ready” for what awaited me over the next few years.

In hindsight, as I look back on the past 6 years, it’s really hard to remember my life before Mishka. I have done more, grown more, loved more, cried more, screamed more, but lived more in the past six years than I have done in the 27 years before that. I have gotten to know my husband as a father and fell in love all over again and this time round more than I ever thought possible. I have gotten to know my mother as a grandmother and now appreciate her more than I ever thought possible. (I depend more on her now than I did when I was 6). I have seen my sister become an aunt and I am reminded daily why she has remained my best friend for 28 years. I have gained so much that some days it absolutely terrifies me…

Everyone keeps telling me that the “second one” is so much easier… I think people lie 🙂 Like the “Infants-sleeping-through-the-night”-lie or the “breastfeeding-is–so-natural”-lie. I don’t think that raising a child can ever be considered an easy task, but when has anything worthwhile ever been easy?

So this time around I am prepared to be unprepared. I know most things will not go according to plan, I know you can’t physically die from sleep deprivation… can you? I know that no matter how dark the night, the sun will come out at dawn, I know that stretch marks are permanent, but no one cares, I know I will make at least a dozen mistakes daily and that I will be forgiven for them all. I know that you can wear the same pair of leggings for 5 days straight, I know that baby powder works just as well as shampoo, I know that the smell of baby vomit is acceptable , I know that Mishka will be insanely jealous at times, I know that I will feel inadequate hourly, I know that my husband will still love me, I know that I will have even less of a social life (is that possible) I know juggling mother, wife and business owner is impossible, but I know that I will try, I know that some days a glass of wine (a bottle) is all that will save me, I know that with very hard work you can wear that bikini again, I know that people without kids just don’t get it.. (sorry), I know that love really does conquer all, I know that I will have a date night again someday, I know that leaving your baby with a babysitter is worse that cabin fever, I know Mavrick will be all right, I know Mishka will be all right , I know we will all be all right. I know I am perfectly imperfect, I am a mother!