About Us

Children and baby soft leather shoes

Our Story,

Like all good stories, this tale started in George, some time ago.
When a litle boy was born, and his loving parents watched him grow.

They named him Mishka in hopes that he would be unique.
What they later learned was “be carefull what you seek”.

He was a busy one with a mind of his own.
He never slept , and left a trail of mud where ever he would go.

When it came time for Mishka to walk and run,
his parents were concerned for his precious feet, and so it begun.

He would stumble and fall and his parents wondered whether,
those sweet little feet would not be more free and secure in leather.

From the moment Mish-Mash™ touched growing feet,
began an adventure that would never be complete.

They wanted the world to share in their great adventure,
to protect all little growing feet would now be their venture.