Family Lifestyle Brand

Meet the 4 Mish-keteers,

They are Daddy Dayne, Mommy Jacqui, Big brother Mishka and Baby Maverik.
Mish-Mash was founded by husband and wife duo in 2014, in the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa

What started as a soft-sole-only brand grew, with their firstborn’s feet,
into a Family Lifestyle Brand with ranges for babies, toddlers and adults.

Their passion for family and adventure lead them to create a brand that would feel familiar, that would tell a story.
The love for their two boys helped create an ever-evolving brand that would be limitless and fierce just like their children

The powerful bond between husband and wife taught the importance of friendship and trust in the brand.

Mish-Mash is not just a brand, it’s a Lifestyle, It is Family.

Join our family, the adventure starts here.